Cadet Programs

Cadet Programs

Deputy Commander for Cadets

Lt Col Debbie French


Cadet Programs Mission

This mission has many different aspects to it:

Drill and Ceremonies

The main purpose of drill and ceremonies is to build teamwork in the cadets. The drill styles that CAP uses are the exact styles that the Air Force uses. CAP issues out the exact manuel that the Air Force issues out to their airmen and officers.

Field and Flight Training

The main purpose of field training is to equip the cadets with the skills and knowledge they will need when they go out on missions. In Central Texas, several squadrons get together about every month to provide field training through functions such as FTX's (Field Training Exercise) and SAREX's (Search And Rescue Exercise). In these exercises, the cadets learn such survival skills as shelter-building, land navigation, and camping techniques.

The main purpose of flight training is to equip the cadets with the skills and knowledge they will need to operate an aircraft properly. Cadets attend Orientation Flights to not only learn about aircraft and its dynamics, but also how to actually fly. Every summer there is a week-long Flight Encampment in which cadets fly solo by the end of the encampment and earn their solo wings.


Civil Air Patrol Grade Structure

Civil Air Patrol uses the U.S. Air Force grade structure, with just a few differences. One such difference is that cadet officers where grade which consist of pips and diamonds, while the senior members use the Air Force's officer grade. Also, CAP's enlisted ranks are all associated with an achievement for which a cadet recieves a ribbon when he/she completes it. For more information about the grade structure and the cadet achievements they are associated with, please visit our CAP Grade page.


Leadership Training Materials



CAC - Cadet Advisory Councel

Pegasus has a member that sits on the Group III CAC
Primary Representative: c/1st Lt Rand Fowler
Alternate Representative: c/Maj Sean Stewart

CAP Scholarship Opportunities

Attn Cadets: The Civil Air Patrol offers several academic and flight scholarships for eligible cadets. Please visit CAP's Scholarship Webpage for more information.

Every year cadets apply for NCSA in the EServices application. You will apply from Nov-Dec the prior year.