How to get started in the Cadet Programs

Link to CAPR 52-16 Cadet Program Management

Step 1: Attend regular meetings for a few weeks and then turn in your application. You will also need to turn in a signed memorandum of understanding available at the squadron.  

Step 2: You will get your ID card in the mail. After you do, you need to login to e-Services and order your uniform.

Instructions can be found on the last page of your application or CAPF 15.

Step 3: After you get your ID card it will take about 2 weeks for your number to come online. After that it will take another week or so for your books to arrive in the mail.

Step 4: Study the books you recieve for your first Achievement. This is known as the the General JF Curry Achievement. It has 4 parts to it:

  • CPFT - Cadet Physical Fitness Training. The requirements can be found in CAPP 52-18
  • Moral Leadership - This is a class you attend once a month at regular squadron meetings
  • Leadership Test - You will have to take a test over the first few chapters of Leadership: 2000 and Beyond
  • Unit Activities - Attend regular meetings, ALS (Airman Leadership School), SAREX (Search And Rescue EXercise) or FTX (Field Training Exercise)

Step 5: Study the Drill and Ceremony Manual.

Step 6: When you show up at the next meeting tell the First Sergeant you want to test for your CPFT and Leadership Test. Then the testing officer will prepare the tests.

Step 7: Attend regular meetings and special events.

Step 8: Attend a Character Development session. The book that all lesson plans are taken from is called Flight Time: Values for Living

Step 9: Discuss your promotion with the DCC (Deputy Commander for Cadets) and the Cadet commander. If they see you passed all four sections then at closing ceremony you will be presented your first stripe to cadet Airman.

Step 10: After you pass your tests you must

  • Make sure the chart on the wall is updated by the DCC
  • Make sure your file is updated with the appropriate dates
  • Login to e-Services. Click Here for directions on how to enter the Curry Achievement.
then you will be awarded your first stripe as Airman.

Step 11: Study for your next Achievement. If you have not recieved your binder yet you can study the aerospace books online at Aerospace Dimensions & Journey of Flight

Step 12: Now you might want to get qualified to go out on Ground Teams and ES. Go to the Emergency Services page and check out how to get started there.

Step 13: Complete Operational Security (OPSEC) training (found here: and sign the non-disclosure agreement at the end of the training. (NOTE): you will need your CAPID and SSN to sign in to the online training.)

Step 14: Get scheduled with an O-Flight or Orientation flight with one of our pilots.

Step 15: Sign up for the Texas Wing Cadet Programs Yahoo group.