Operations - Emergency Services

Emergency Services Officer
1st LT David Longenecker

Mission: What do we do?

The Civil Air Patrol has, since its formation, assisted in emergencies, national and local, and CAP volunteers have provided their varied services in order to promote the welfare of residents.
Civil Air Patrol members help find missing persons and can get qualified for basic First Aid to help injured victims. They perform line searchs to find missing aircraft or persons and help clean up and provide humanitarian support after storms ravage cities and towns.





OPSEC (Operational Security) Training

As CAP expands is missions in Homeland Security it is important that we follow all regulations about keeping confidential information secure. All members need to take the OPSEC Training and sign the agreement at the end of the training.

Air Operations

In preparation for the arrival of a new GA-8 Airvan in the Texas Wing, all mission pilots, scanners, and observers are asked to take the familiarization course on the national website. The websites are https://ntc.cap.af.mil/ops/dot/school/GA8cfm/index.cfm and https://tests.cap.af.mil/ops/archer_training/archer_hsi_tech/index.cfm.


A SAREX is a Search And Rescue Exercise. These missions are conducted to provide training in Emergency Services operations for Air, Ground and mission staff personnel. They consist of coordinated operations between multiple squadrons and groups.


An FTX is a Field Training Exercise that is conducted for ground teams. These missions are conducted for local squadrons and groups to provide advanced ground team training scenarios.


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